Weston Wheels – The History

Weston Wheels was a legal and officially sanctioned modified car cruise in Weston-super-Mare running from 2001 until 2005 inclusive.  As a fully sanctioned event it had the full support of the local council, local police, as well as local, national traders and car magazines.

Weston Wheels was run by cruisers for cruisers and was the first official event of it’s kind in the UK leading the way for others to follow its highly acclaimed success. Just click the links above or to the right for more from each year.

It was started as an alternative for cruisers who had no other choice but to gather in local car parks within the town, growing from humble beginnings with only 8,000 people attending the first year and finishing with over 3 times as many in the final year.

This site is a dedication to all things Weston Wheels and to each of the events that took place that were truly unique in it’s own right as each year the event was built around the cars attending.  One week there was a flattened airfield and the following week there was a full infrastructure of refreshments, toilets, camping facilities, first aid, entertainment, djs, trade stands, club stands, competition areas,  chill out zones and funfairs.  Built from scratch each year helped keep each event truly unique and ensured that returning visitors would never get bored with the same format or boring layout.

If you have any footage of Weston Wheels, videos, pictures, etc, that you are happy for us to use on this site, please send them to us Here

And finally one last Shout Out to everyone involved who helped make the events truly great, whether you helped for one hour, one event, or all five, no matter what your role was, on site staff and volunteers giving their time willinginly, contractors, traders, DJ’s, Dancers, Owners and attendees – none of it would have been possible without your involvement and support  – and for this we are truly thankful.

PLEASE NOTE: Some images may not be suitable for those under 18 years of age.

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